General Objective

To research cultural diversity and develop regional and local studies from inter and transdisciplinary perspectives, in order to obtain the necessary social transformations for the achievement of the common good and the integral development of different human groups of the country.

Specific Objectives

1- To promote regional and local human development, through scientific research of excellence.

2- To analyze the issues that the Costa-Rican society faces from a local and regional perspective, to guide the academic duty towards the search for pertinent and viable solutions.

3- To promote interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary work that allows the making of work groups to strengthen the impact of research.

4- To contribute to the awareness processes on identities from an intercultural perspective on a local, regional, and national level.

5- To support the study of the country's and Latin America’s interculturality.

6- To contribute to the change and improvement processes of society to offer viable and pertinent solutions on a regional and local level.

7- To promote the creation of interdisciplinary groups, with involvement from the different campuses of the University of Costa Rica, and other national and international universities and institutions. 

8- To provide the academic staff at CIDICER with continuous improvement opportunities.

9- To disclose research results, progress, and experiences in CIDICER’s related fields through the making of academic activities (congresses, seminars, symposiums, conferences, concerts, presentations, and theatrical representations, amongst others).

10- To keep a digital or printed historical information system for the dissemination of research results and products.