` Proyecto

836-B8-003 Road network projects as articulators of intra and interregional relationships: the case of the Northern Region between 1970-1990


To analyze the articulation of the road network in the Costa Rican North Region in the period 1970-1990, to interpret changes and continuities in the intra and inter-regional socioeconomic dynamics regarding the realization of such projects.


The project is presented in perspective of historical trajectory, analyzing the construction of terrestrial communication routes (main roads, not secondary roads) in the Northern Region (both in San Carlos and in other towns in the area), in the twenty years after the creation of the bordering cantons (Upala, Guatuso, Los Chiles, Sarapiquí), so that it is possible to demonstrate the interests that mediated such projects, the role of local governments and the impact that these works generated on spatial and social dynamics of the region. It is intended to start the analysis from 1970 since it was the year in which the cantons located on the northern border were founded and that allows better access to primary sources; It was also in this decade when the interest to establish an alternate interregional road between San Carlos and Naranjo began to develop. It reaches the year 1990, because for that period the main access routes to the aforementioned cantons had already been built, which are currently still there, in addition to the institutionalization of the demand for the Florence-Naranjo road through the creation of the Association Pro Carretera in 1989.


From 01/01/2018 to 12/31/2019

Áreas de investigación relacionadas:

Regional Political Studies

Investigador principal:

Lissy Marcela Villalobos Cubero

Resultados obtenidos:

Published article

Villalobos, L.M. (2021). El poder estatal y el territorio fronterizo: Costa Rica y su región Norte en la segunda mitad del siglo XX, vista a través del lente de los proyectos viales. Revista de Historia Nº. 84 (julio-diciembre, 2021).




Data base

1- Of census maps, that consist of an ample conjunction of images, that are the maps given by the INEC (previously DGEC) for the census of 1973 and 1984. The images are already ordered according to their zone of the region.



2- Parallel to the census maps, it is found in Excel format and it gathers with detail a description of each census map. This can be of use for research on similar subjects, or for knowledge of any person interested in the recent history of the north of Costa Rica.