If life and literature possess unavoidable intersections, a literary biography of Lisímaco Chavarría traverses those blurry paths where the boundaries turn impossible. Procuring on going beyond biography’s zero degree that the evanescent myth has established about the poet, Lisímaco of mine reconstructs, through the dramatic genre, the tragedy of a life that has always been ruled by uncertainty: the overprotection of their mother, their imaginer job, the authorial costume in Rosa Villanea, the journalistic career, the growing battle for the authorship of their plays, the triumphs in the most important contests of early XX century, the degradations of the misery, the union with Fanny Solano, the complexities of their subjectivity and the lethal ambush of the tuberculosis. This drama proposes that to Lisímaco Chavarría, everyday existence was a transit where life and literary project became a single sacrificial act.

Rodríguez Cascante, F. (ED.). (2013). Lísimaco de mí (drama). San José: Interartes Foundation.

  • Francisco Rodríguez Cascante