Arturo García Solano (1883-1967) was a solid poet and modernistic narrator that also occupied themselves in the essay genre. Protagonist of the incipient national lettered city in the early second half of the 20th century, they were a writer of the Pandemónium magazine. They were in charge of the paving project in San Jose city and worked as the director of the ‘Diario de Costa Rica’ (Diary of Costa Rica) in the early 1930s.

Given that this author never compiled their works in the form of a book instead their producing being found dispersed in newspaper publications of its time, this edition reunites their poetry, narrative, and essay, with the objective of filling that void and making an outstanding figure of the national modernism known, whose oblivion is unjustified considering the density of their production. 

Rodríguez, F. (2018). Literary work of Arturo García Solano. Costa Rica, Editorial University of Costa Rica.
  • Dr. Francisco Rodríguez Cascante