This publication compiles researched projects distinguished and presented during the VI International Conference of Cultural Diversity and Regional Studies, organized by CIDICER and taken place in the University of Costa Rica’s Western branch.

After an editorial job, thirteen scientific articles are published, these are grouped into six chapters:

Rescuing the regional cultural heritage

Regional literary studies

Regional development challenges

Environment and development

Socio-educational realities

In search of the elderly population’s well being


Marín, A., Solano, M., Fernández, G., Soares, K., Correia, B., Arroyo, Y., Morales, J., Fonseca, R., Quesada, A., Espinoza, G., Cortés, M., Chassoul, M., Salmerón, A., Marín, R., Muñoz, A., Méndez, A., Mora, J., Chavarría, C., Robles, K., …Herrera, D. (2022). Reflexiones desde el Desarrollo Regional. [VI Coloquio Internacional sobre Diversidad Cultural y Estudios Regional].

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  • Research Center on Cultural Diversity and Regional Studies CIDICER (ed)