Report Interinstitutional Forum on Water Resources in the Western Region

  • Maynor Badilla Vargas (Ed.)
  • William Solórzano Vargas (Ed.)
Referencia bibliográfica: Badilla Vargas, M. & Solórzano Vargas, W. (2017). Institutional Forum Report on Water Resources in the Western Region. San Jose Costa Rica. Editorial University of Costa Rica.

Currently, the issue of water plays a determining role in human development and the quality of life of the inhabitants, and this constitutes an urgent challenge that demands the implementation of public policies aimed at ensuring the quality and availability of this resource in time. This publication reflects an effort made by the Research Center on Cultural Diversity and Regional Studies and the research project Observatory of human development in the Western Region, to have an active participation in the process of dialogue, analysis and reflection on problems that afflict the western region. It compiles the majority of the papers presented at the Institutional Forum on Water Resources held at the Western Headquarters of the University of Costa Rica on October 16 and 17, 2014. The Forum included the participation of students and teachers, as well as public institutions such as MINAE, SENARA, AyA and officials from ASADAS from the Western Region and from the Madre Verde Foundation.

The publication constitutes a contribution, from the academy, to the study and deliberation on water resources in the Western Region, with the aim of contributing to the generation of new research questions, new working hypotheses, raising concerns about the resource issue. and promote greater levels of awareness and commitment to the current situation of this resource.

The first chapter includes presentations on water quality and management. The second section includes works on the legal management of water resources. The third and last section includes proposals for the management and protection of water resources.