Writing our history: knowledge and experiences of the decolonial thinking circle and of well-being

  • Carmita Marisol Patiño Sánchez
Referencia bibliográfica: Patiño Sánchez, M. (2017). Writing our history: knowledge and experiences of the decolonial thinking circle and of well-being. In P. Meschini & M.E. hermida (Eds.). Social Work and Decoloniality (pp. 76-100). Mar de Plata, Argentina: Editorial of the University of Mar de Plata.

This publication was generated as a result of the 1st International Conference 'Ancestral knowledge and development processes. Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador ', held at the Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja (UTPL), Ecuador; The objective of this activity was to build a meeting place for researchers and protagonists of development experiences in the context of indigenous cultures. As a result, the research group 'Social approaches to development: Gender and Interculturality' (GEINDE) was created, from which the creation of the book Ancestral knowledge and development processes: indigenous nationalities of Ecuador emerged; The publication includes the thematic axes of those first days.

The article Writing our history: Knowledge and experiences of the decolonial sentimenting circle and the well-being of the researcher Dra. Marisol Patiño Sánchez, is part of the book and exposes the relevance of developing research, training and collective action processes to question the hegemonic paradigm of modern eurocentric and neocolonial science, which has legitimized one type of scientific production and delegitimized other knowledge. In this sense, it refers to the experience developed in the 'Circle of decolonial, intercultural and Good Living of the West Headquarters of the University of Costa Rica', which consists of a space for training and collective action based on the principles of Good Living or Sumak Kawsay.