Líneas de investigación

Interregional Studies in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

It covers studies on the use of technological tools and communication processes.

Proyectos vinculados

Good practices in the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in the teaching and learning of English in the Western Region 836-B9-006


This project aims to investigate the Communication and Information Technologies (ICT) that have been implemented in the teaching and learning of the English language at the Headquarters of the West and how these affect...

Diagnosis on the needs of formal education in the area of Information and Communication Technologies in the Central and Western Region of Costa Rica. 836-B6-245

This project is expected to carry out a diagnosis of the real needs of the current market in the area of ​​Information 
and Communication Technologies, accompanied by an analysis of the curricula of public...
Virtual reality as a museum tool to reconstruct the local history of San Ramón 836-C0-120

It is through new technological tools that this project aims to recreate virtual and interactive anthropological aspects and sites of cultural interest related to the evolution and development of the head of the canton of...