Líneas de investigación

Regional Political Studies

They refer to studies on management, local governments, power, public policy, electoral processes and political culture.

Proyectos vinculados

Women, land, seeds, and water: actions by women from the Rural Women’s Network in the Northern Area for the defense of life itself 836-B9-050

The project seeks to continue the process started with the Rural Women's Network in the northern zone in the development of project B6063: Mobilization of rural women in the fight for the recovery of land...

Mobilization of rural women in their struggle to recover lands in two communities of Los Chiles, Alajuela. 836-B6-063

The project seeks to make visible the presence and actions of women in the struggle for the recovery of land within peasant movements, from their own experience, as a contribution to the understanding of the...

The role of the United Fruit Company in the articulation of the Costa Rucan South Pacific region. 836-B8-002

Regional studies call our attention with respect to the elements that can define the particularities in the construction of regions such as economic, political, cultural and social projects (2008, Chen, Malavassi and Viales).



Road network projects as articulators of intra and interregional relationships: the case of the Northern Region between 1970-1990 836-B8-003

The project is presented in perspective of historical trajectory, analyzing the construction of terrestrial communication routes 
(main roads, not secondary roads) in the North Region (both in San Carlos and in other towns in the...
The activities of the Sandinista Leader Carlos Fonseca Amador in Costa Rica (1960-1970) 836-B8-005


The present investigation seeks to trace the fundamental elements of the presence of Carlos Fonseca Amador in Costa Rica, 
who was one of the main leaders of the Sandinista movement in its beginnings.