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836-B3-006 History of San Ramon literature. I Stage


To prepare a history of Ramon literature to make known the textual productions of the canton.


This project was based on the assumption that although San Ramón has historically been linked to literature as an identity marker, this correspondence had not been studied, nor had sufficient attention been paid to the development of literary production in the region, despite of the great quantity of the publications that the Ramona writers had made. This research work tried to fill this gap by means of the historiographic study of the Ramon literature.


The project developed, firstly, a database on the publications made throughout history by the Ramonnese writers, to later study and discuss the relationship between literature and cultural identity in the region. After that, the work was oriented to the analysis of the literary production to write an interpetative document of historiographic order of the generational development of the Ramona literature, which covered the period 1870-1970.


As products of the project, the writing of three books was achieved, one of historiographic interpretation of the Ramona literature of the period just mentioned and two editions of two important but unknown authors: Arturo García Solano and Corina Rodríguez López.


01/03/2013 al 28/2/2017

Áreas de investigación relacionadas:

Regional Cultural and Linguistic Studies

Investigador principal:

Francisco Rodríguez Cascante

Resultados obtenidos:

A reliable database of the Ramon literature.

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