Proyectos en desarrollo

Cataloging of agro-landscapes and proposal of landscape management units in Buenos Aires, Brunca Region, Costa Rica


It is proposed to carry out the classification and characterization of agrarian landscapes of the canton of Buenos Aires, Puntareas, based on the delimitation of hydrographic basins and in the broader biophysical and sociocultural context...

Cultural hybridization and formation of ethical awareness in students who attend schools in Guanacaste and San José


This project addresses the problem of inquiry: Is there a relationship between the cultural hybridization that some communities where schools are inserted and the formation of ethical awareness in the students who attend them? Regular...

Virtual reality as a museum tool to reconstruct the local history of San Ramón


It is through new technological tools that this project aims to recreate virtual and interactive anthropological aspects and sites of cultural interest related to the evolution and development of the head of the canton of...

Opportunities for the development of tourism activity under the value chain approach in the El Paso de las Nubes Biological Corridor (CBPN – Acronym in Spanish) in the eastern sector


The value chain, a concept that has gained notoriety in the last three decades thanks to the studies of the economist Michael Porter, has made markets have globalized and contracted drastically and, therefore, become more...

Writing and dance movement as a potential scenario for autobiographical construction in elder people.


An investigation is proposed on the contribution of art in self-reflection and in the reconstruction of history itself through autobiographical narration, in older adults in the canton of San Ramón. The possibilities that dance and...

Cultural practices related to the conservation, reproduction, and uses of cucumber (Sicana odorifera) in different communities of the Western Region, Costa Rica


The structure and composition of agricultural ecosystems depends on the economic and cultural needs and interests of their owners (Barrero & García, 2009). According to these authors, in a certain way the new concepts that...

Women, land, seeds, and water: actions by women from the Rural Women’s Network in the Northern Area for the defense of life itself


The project seeks to continue the process started with the Rural Women's Network in the northern zone in the development of project B6063: Mobilization of rural women in the fight for the recovery of land...

Management plan for the reduction and removal of greenhouse gases from the Western Campus, University of Costa Ruca: a regional study


The project aims to quantify the amount of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) emitted by the Western Headquarters in 
order to establish a management plan for the reduction and removal of these. This in order for the...

The Military Band of Alajuela. Democratization of the musical appreciation and cultural development of its audience in 1933.


The wind and percussion bands of the government of Costa Rica have been protagonists in the musical and cultural development of 
the country. Several researchers have had to delve into the history of these groups...

Editorial mediations in the social development of Costa Rican literature: (2000-2018)


The main objective of the Editorial Mediations in the Social Development of Costa Rican Literature (2000-2018)
 project is to analyze the impact of the Costa Rican publishing industry on the processes of production, 
circulation and...

Good practices in the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in the teaching and learning of English in the Western Region



This project aims to investigate the Communication and Information Technologies (ICT) that have been implemented in the teaching and learning of the English language at the Headquarters of the West and how these affect...

Between the resistance and oblivion. Strategies for preserving and strengthening of creole in afro-descendant families.


Given that some studies agree that one of the minority languages ​​with the largest number of speakers in Costa Rica, 
namely Limonean Creole, is clearly weakened for mainly socio-political reasons and that the younger...

The community management of water resources: the case of San Ramon, Alajuela, in the period 2018-2020


This research aims to study how community water resource management processes are developed in the canton of San Ramón, specifically working with ASADAS in the area, to learn about opportunities, scope, limitations and challenges in...

The activities of the Sandinista Leader Carlos Fonseca Amador in Costa Rica (1960-1970)



The present investigation seeks to trace the fundamental elements of the presence of Carlos Fonseca Amador in Costa Rica, 
who was one of the main leaders of the Sandinista movement in its beginnings. 

Road network projects as articulators of intra and interregional relationships: the case of the Northern Region between 1970-1990


The project is presented in perspective of historical trajectory, analyzing the construction of terrestrial communication routes 
(main roads, not secondary roads) in the North Region (both in San Carlos and in other towns in the...