General Objective

To research cultural diversity and develop regional and local studies from inter and transdisciplinary perspectives, in order to obtain the necessary social transformations for the achievement of the common good and the integral development of different human groups of the country.

Specific Objectives

  1. To promote national and regional human development through scientific research.
  2. To analyze problems faced by the Costa Rican society from a local and regional perspective as to define the academic work towards a search for relevant and viable solutions.
  3. To promote inter- and transdisciplinary research to form work groups that become support for other vital activities at University of Costa Rica.  
  4. To strengthen identity awareness processes from a local and regional perspective.
  5. To systematize the study of various cultural manifestations in many regions of the country and beyond our borders.
  6. To favor the study of various cultures that develop throughout the country, the Central American and Latin American regions as to strengthen the teaching-learning processes at a National System.
  7. To deepen in the analysis of the multicultural nature of Costa Rica, Central America, and Latin America in order to value the heterogeneity of various cultures and their contribution.
  8. To determine the contributions made by representatives of different academic disciplines in regards to the socio-historical and cultural development of our country.
  9. To contribute to society's processes of change and improvement by offering viable and pertinent solutions.
  10. To promote creation of inter-disciplinary work groups conformed by participants from different campuses of the University of Costa Rica, other public universities, and educational institutions of the region and the country. 
  11. To facilitate spaces for preparation and continuous improvement to researchers and instructors from Regional Campuses in the Research Center's related fields.
  12. To divulge research projects of the Research Center's related fields through academic activities (Congresses, Seminars, Symposiums, Conferences, Concerts, and Theatrical Representations, among others).
  13. To strengthen the institution’s reputation in for its dynamic of local, regional, national, and international projection.
  14. To create the Documentation Center on Cultural Diversity and Regional Studies in order to have a consultation platform at a local, regional, national, and international level.
  15. To diffuse research results through the elaboration of a series of Research Advances that will be in electronic and printed media. These will take into account the link with Acción Social as they will have communal diffusion.