This publication compiles the results of the academic work carried out during the International Congress: Pleasant Nature and Wild Nature in Hispanic Letters, organized by CIDICER and held at the Western Branch of the University of Costa Rica.

Nature has played a fundamental role as a stage in which the actions and characters are located in literary texts. On some occasions, the space and the representation of nature determine the destination, modify the action, and define the character of the characters, since nature presents two opposing facets: the pleasant and the wild, the locus amoenus and the locus inhospitus.

This set of articles offers a heterogeneity of literary texts that address the theme of nature, serve as an object of study, and are analyzed from a variety of approaches. The works that make up this dossier point towards the recognition and analysis of the possibilities of representing nature in the diversity of Hispanic literary texts and observe the role it plays as a framework, space and environment that determines, in one way or another, the outcome of the action, regardless of the genre, the time and the region to which they belong.

DOI: 10.15517/re.v0i0.34992

Sancho Dobles, L. (2019; Ed). Dossier: Naturaleza amena y naturaleza agreste en las letras hispánicas. Revista Estudios (Edición Especial).
  • Leonardo Sanchez Dobles