Research Program on Central American Literature


To articulate research projects on Central American literature carried out in the Research Center on Cultural Diversity and Regional Studies (CIDICER, Spanish acronym), to develop an interdisciplinary research line with high academic and social relevance.


The projects participating in the program were the following:

836-B3-006 History of San Ramón Literature.

836-B4-010 The Costa Rican children narrative in the second half of XX century.

836-B4-012 Costa Rican Children’s literature and its contribution to intercultural education.

836-B5-203 Edition of Carlomagno Araya complete works.

836-B6-061 The discursive construction of utopia in the literary work of Carlos Gagini.

836-B7-151 Fabián Dobles in the Costa Rican literary history.


Investigador responsable:

Francisco Rodríguez Cascante

Resultados obtenidos:

  1. A research line on Central American literature was implemented based on the theoretical perspective of cultural studies.
  2. Three relevant international associations were established:
    • With the research program “Towards a history of the Central American literatures” directed by Dr. Werner Mackenbach.
    • With Dr. Susanne Schlünder, professor at Osnabrück University, Germany, allowing her visit to CIDICER.
    • With professor and writer José Ricardo Chaves from the Poetic Institute of the Autonomous National University in Mexico.


03/01/2017 al 29/02/2018